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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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Travel to Italy :
Get it at work gave me a vacation and enjoy goings to Italy I will be very happy when I get to Italy and that will do the first time that I and many friends recommended me. Thetrip was long and we had to make a stop in Frankfurt and then return to Italy. Upon arrival everything but everything seemed much more beautiful and spectacular than in Venezuela, the streets clean,friendly and cordial people. Were more educated than my cousin who lives in Catia. 
I was verry surprised when I get to the hotel to stay, everything well organized and tidy room and asked for a fewminutes I was handing over the keys. 
Rest and then put the city courtyards, while touring the city could look so magnificent panoramas, I thought of bringing my mom when possible or at a suitableopportunity. 
When night fell it was all more interesting, there were lights everywhere and everywhere people were full of life and music, when I was little my family has never danced in the streets forthe joy you brought in, but simply we said in words. 
In the end only spend 3 days there, when he returned to Venezuela could be seen all over Italy in minimum size. 
Even the pictures I took the tripI will remove all the concern that I have to go back there. I hope to go, but for Langer.

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