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Bread/Books costs a lot of money.Mary /Mary and I an like parties.Our cat/Our cats never catches mice.That bus/All those buses go to the station.Andy/Andy and Pete sings very well.I/Catherine want a new job.You/John always wears nice clothes.You/She drive too fast.That child/Those children makes a lot of noise.My father/My mother and father teaches English..4. Complete the sentences with thecorrect forms of the verbs from the boxes:ask get up go make play speak a.- Peter always ___________________ late on Sundays. b.- Ann and John sometimes _________________ tennis at weekends. c.- My mother often ____________________ Italian with her friends. d.- Small children __________________ questions all the time. e.- Sarah _______________ to Trujillo to see hermother twice a week. f.- I ________________ mo mistakes in English when I’m tired. say sit try wash watch g.- Andy always ___________________ his clothes on Saturdays. h.- That child never __________________ “Thank you”. i.- He ____________________ in the same chair every morning. j.- She ________________ to go skiing every year. k.- My father _________________ TV most evenings.1.5. Put in DO or DOES:_______ you know my friend Andy? ________ this bus go to Chiclayo?_______ Ann want to come with us? ________ your parents live near here?_______ you speak Chinese? ________ Sarah go to school on Saturdays?________ this shop sell stamps? ________ Bill and Harry play golf?________ Theresa swim in the river? ________ you and your family use Internet?________ she watch TV in theevening? ________ they write letters every day?________ Peter and Shawn listen to music? ________ Miguel pay the bills in cash?1.6. Make questions Exams: They smoke. Do they smoke? Ann teaches French. Does Ann teach French?The bus stops here. The teachers know her. You play the piano. John works in a restaurant. This bus stops at the gas station. We need more chocolate. Mary likes theparties. Peter speaks Spanish well. 1.7. Choose the correct subject.How much does _______________ cost? (the ticket / the tickets)Where do ______________ live? (your daughter / your children)What time does ________________ start? (the lesson / the lessons)What do ______________ want? (you / the girl)When does _____________finish? (the holidays / the holiday)Why do ______________ talk so fast? (that woman / those women)What do ____________ think of the new boss? (you / she)1.8. Match each verb on the left with the correct group of words. Use each letter only one time.1.- cook ______ a.- to salsa music, with someone2.- dance_______ b.- a friend, your family, aplace.3.- drink_______ c.- the dishes, your hands.4.- eat _______ d.- for a walk, to bed.5.- get up ________ e.- lunch, dinner, food.6.- give ________ f.- ice cream, pizza, a meal.7.- go _________ g.- juice, soda, water.8.- play ________ h.- a present, money.9.- visit ________ i.- a game, cards, the piano10.- wash ________ j.- at 8.00, in the morning1.9. Choose the correct question word and put in DO orDOEShow how many how much what when where why a.- ______________________ the ticket cost? b.- ______________________ you pronounce this word? c.- ______________________ your children live? d.- ______________________ she want? e.- ______________________ the holidays start? f.- ______________________ the teacher talk so fast? g.- _______________ languages ____________ hespeak?1.10. Read the answers and write the questions._______________________________? I buy DVDs online._______________________________? He uses the Internet in the evening.______________________________? She listens to music at home._______________________________? They read the newspapers every day._______________________________? We use the Internet to do research.1.11. Make questions.Where /...
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