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Cristal: Yes? Hello? Who is this?(all girls in different parts)

Manuela: I’m Manuel sister and, I’m calling you to tell you that Manuel died and you need to come.


Angie: When?!!

Cristal: Are you sure??

Patty: Is it a joke?

All girls (in different parts): I’ll be there in a minute.

=Ding, dong=

Manuela: (Opens the door) Laura, come inplease, we are waiting for the other girls.

Laura: What happened to Manuel? (Crying)….other girls?

=Ding, dong=

Cristal: What happened to my baby? Sorry oh! My boss. I’m sorry Miss Laura.=Ding, dong=

Cristal: I’ll open the door!!

Angie: My friend, I’m so sorry, what happened to Manuel??

Laura: I don’t know, this woman says that she is Manuel sister, but I don’t remember her.=Ding, dong=

Patty: Oh! My God!! (Crying) Manuel what happened to you? ……and….who are you girls??

Laura: I’m Manuel’s wife.

Patty: What?!! That’s couldn’t be possible he is well was myhusband and this is his son.

Laura: Are you crazy? I’ve been married for 10 years.

Patty: I have 5 years of marriage. See my ring.

Angie: Sorry Patty, but my friend Laura is saying the true andI know her since we were teenagers and Manuel was her boyfriend since she had 15 years. Well I know what to do, I’m gonna ask both about Manuel. Are you ready? What is his favorite drink?

Laura yPatty: Beer!!

Angie: What is his favorite candy?

Laura y Patty: Chocolate, cake!!

Angie: Well, this one is the final question. Manuel had a circumcision??

Laura y Patty: What is that??Cristal: Yes, he had!!!

Laura: I can believe it Cristal!!! You too? , But my Manuel? I can believe it because he was a very good man. But when?

Patty: We need to say how we met him. Who is first?Laura: I’m first because he is my husband. Well all started in my sweet 15

(Remembering, acting)

Angie: My friend today is your day, your sweet 15.

Laura: Yes, I know!!!! And guess...
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