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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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death and magic in monte alban
the valley of oaxaca was home to the zapotecas, a very special group of people who inhabited this fertile land from 650b.c. until the spaniards arrived in 1521.the most representative archaeological zone of the zapotecas is monte alban. here important architecturaland ceramic remains have been found which give us an insight into the customs and lifestyles of these ancient inhabitants. the material Remains also allow us to put the different eras of occupation of these extraordinary ruins in chronological order. This importantarchaeological zone was built on a hill which the first inhabitants leveled off and from which they had a splendid panoramic view of the valley of oaxaca that remains to this day. Monte alban is onlyaround six miles from the beautiful colonial city of oaxaca, aqually rich in traditionand history. the zone's maximum development took place in the classical period (150B.CTO 900A.D.) the same time when the teotihuacan culture had its strogest impact on the mexican plateua, also influencing monte alban.This influence is seen in the architecture which used a slope/paneltechnique and in the murals the zapotecas painted in the interior of their tombs, a unique characteristic of the zapotecas culture. Constructions destined to become tombs dateback to a very early age.The first were very simple, both in their structure and in the offerings, however, whit the evolution of the apothecia people, the construction of the tombs became much moreelaborate. They were characterized by niches at the entrance where the representation of a deite was placed.
la muerte y la magia en Monte Albán
el valle de Oaxaca fue el hogar de los zapotecas, ungrupo muy especial de personas que habitaron esta tierra fértil de 650b.c. hasta que llegaron los españoles en 1521. la zona arqueológica más representativa de los zapotecas es Monte Albán. aquí...
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