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Name: Ana Lucía Altamirano



Activity A (10 points)

Describe the face of a building.

Select a building that has a front that interests you. It may be your own house. Observe and inspect the front of the building carefully. Then write a completedescription of the front of that building. Use the simple present tense of BE and other verbs, adjectives for description, make comparisons if possible, and the adequate vocabulary for the description. Do it in 80-100 words.

My name is Ana, I live in Capelo. I have three children and their names are Anita Lucía, Christian, and Carolina. My house is new and very confortable. There is a park aboutten minuts from my house. My house got a big garden, a little pool for my children.
I usually like stay in my garden for care my flowers and playing with my pet too.
This house is more confortable that my old house.
It’s got a big kitchen, a two living room, one dinner room, in each bedroom got bathroom it´s got five rooms, in the one living room got a small bathroom, all the house got a bigwindows, it´s got a terrace too. I love my house.

Activity B (10 points)

I went to the market

You went to the market last Sunday morning. There you saw people, food, appliances, clothes and things to buy. Write a relation of everything you saw and remember, what you bought, prices, kinds of people you talked to, etc. Use the past simple, words of amount, descriptive adjectives,demonstratives, and the appropriate vocabulary. Do it in 80 -100 words.

The last weekend I went to the market in San Luis Shopping in the morning at ten o´clock I bougth some vegetables, fruits and snacks , there the prices are cheaps and I could buy the things that I needed with my husband and my children , then I ate hamburger and orange´s juice with my husband, next I saw my child friend she was myclassmate in the school she was with her husband too and her baby, we were talking about our lives for two hours, finally I said good bye and nice too see you, I saw clothes in the market and it was expensive for me but my husband bought me a pants.

Complete these conversations. Fill in the gaps with correct form of the verb to be.

1. A: Are you ateacher?
2. B: Yes, I am
3. A: It is your name Marcus?
4. B: Yes, it is.
5. A: Are your children here?
6. B: No, they aren´t
7. A: Are your friends from the UK?
8. B: No, they aren´t. from the USA.
9. A: Hello Maria. How are you?
10.B: I’ am Fine, thanks.

Write the opposite of these adjectives.

1. Old …New..

2. Ugly …Beautiful…

3. Long …short…

4.Difficult …Easy....

5. Fast …slow…

6. Wrong …right...

7. Bad …good…

8. Cheap …expensive…

9. Big …small…

10. Young …Old…

Choose the correct word.

1. I have lunch in/ at 12.30.

2. What time do you have dinner at/ in the evening?

3. We get home late in/at night.

4. Do they go out every/ on Friday evenings?5. They go to the cinema in/ every week.

6. What time do your classes start at/ on Monday?

7. I visit my family in/ at the weekends?

8. I don’t go out in/ every the week.

9. We start work on/ at nine o’clock.

10. She exercises in/ at the morning.

Choose the correct word
My friend Helen 1 live / lives in New York. She’s married and her husband Brad 2work/ works in a bank. They 3 Live / lives in Manhattan and they both 4 love / loves living there. Helen 5 don’t / doesn’t because she’s got three young children. Brad and Helen 6 don’t/ doesn’t have a lot of free time, but at the weekends Helen 7 like/ likes playing tennis and Brad often 8 go / goes swimming. Helen and I 9 don’t / doesn’t see each other very often, but she always 10 phone /...
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