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Is the capital of the Antioquia department, is the second city most populated of Colombia.
* Know the Nutibara hill
* Walk for pedestrian avenue Carabobo* Make a cultural tour: Visit the Museum of Antioquia, the Botero Plaza, Joaquin Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden and Explore Park
* Walk in Metrocable
* Practice adventure sports
*Shopping: Medellin is one of the most attractive places for fashion and handicraft shopping in department stores like El Tesoro, Oviedo, San Diego or Santa Fe, among others.
Transportation: by bus, car andplane.
Customs: -events like the parade of silleteros, an event that attracts many tourists because in the month of Flowers parade seen very beautiful floral arrangements people can be.
People Workon anything, drink aguardiente, do business, create companies, laughter without sorrow, eating beans and arepa, be restless and friendly are some of the most relevant paisa customs ways throughits history and of national fame.

Past Perfect:
-When we are arrived to the Hotel, my family had left.
-When I went to visit the Explora Park it had closed.
-When we arrived, we realised wehadn’t reserved the rooms in a hotel.
- When we finished the route in Nutibara Hill, we had walked for two hours.
-We didn´t visit the pueblito paisa because we had visited it in the last vacation.
-Whenwe arrived to Bogotá, in Medellin had started the flower fair.

- If I had some money, I would buy two houses in Medellin.
-If I worked in Medellin, I would be much happier.
-If I had a car, Iwould visit many touristic places in Antioquia.
-If I visited the Explora Park, I would take enough photos.
-If I went the pueblito paisa, I would eat typical food.

-My parents told me that theyhad worked in Medellin 10 years ago.
-Liliana is working at the explore park/Carlos say that she was working at the explore Park
-They went to Medellin the last vacation/Monica say that they had...
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