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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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Universidad Arturo Michelena
Carabobo – San Diego
Comunicación social
Sección 2
Cátedra: Ingles

Aguilera Fabela
Pulgar Sadamia
Vásquez Sthefany
Profesora: Cristina Pérez

San Diego, 10 de mayo del 2011

I. Seleccionar una ciudad de su agrado de cualquier país:
1. Buscar 10 sitios turísticos y explicar con sus propias palabras en ingles los principales sitios avisitar o atractivos de ese sitio. (Párrafos de 10 líneas)
2. Realizar un mapa de recorrido explicando como llegar a 5 sitios turísticos, indicando puntos de referencias y utilizando vocabularios para explicar direcciones: in front of, behind, next to, go strainght, turm right, turm left, etc.

* Playa Palma Sola: Placed in the surroundings of it Port Hair possesses an extensivebeach, I centre very well equipped for the demurrage and the activities of marine type.

* Playa Quizandal: Extensive beach with public resort, with services of boats for recreation. Located near Port Hair.

* Parque Campo de Carabobo: Located to 18 km from Valencia. This park is of historical character, since there there freed it Carabobo's Battle that sealed the Independence ofVenezuela.

* Playa Blanca: Public resort, with services of Bar Restaurant and boats for recreation. Located in Port Hair.

* Parque Metropolitano de Valencia: Located in Valencia. It has an approximate extension of 10 hectares. Site of playtime and rest.

* Parque Recreacional Sur: It has an extension of 50 hectares with more than 25 of roofed area. There develop cattle, industrial,artistic exhibitions or of any other nature. This one located at the end of the Monumental Avenue of valency.

* Parque Turístico Guataparo: On the banks of the Lake Guataparo, it offers places of scattering to the visitor as: cabins, services of boat, restaurant.

* El Lago de Valencia: It is the reservoir of the biggest sweet water of the country, with diversity of fauna, surrounded by landsof agricultural vocation in full production, with landscapes of incomparable beauty and great facility of access.

* Parque Cristóbal Mendoza: It is one of the most beautiful parks of the city, possesses light sources and a clock of the Sun. Located in the Holy Urbanization Cecilia, Valencia.

* Aguas termales de trincheras: One of the principal attractions that offer the trenches theyare the hydromassages, where a water jet warms it will never help him feel like.

Palma Sola
Placed in port hair route highway port hair moron

Aguas termales

In the highway of Valencia Port Hair, to 5 minutes of the toll of the trenches.


Campo Carabobo
Route Tocuyito - Municipality Independence, to 15 minutes of the distributor of the highway Valencia.


Wharf of pañeros

Located in the route towards the Wharves; opposite where we take the peñeros for Isla Larga.


Of the lake of valency follow right entity happens for Marinara San Joaquin and San Diegohappening for guacara up to coming to Naguanagua.

II. Investigar la evolución del periodismo en el mundo (seleccionar articulo en ingles) y realizar un reporte en castellano sobre este articulo (entre 150 a 200 palabras)

From his beginning, the man has focused in taking form, already be in stone or in paper, his experiences, emotions and information across the time, and it is thatbasing on this idea the journalism is born, or, the art of the elaborated and spread communication.
One of the most important characteristics of the journalism is the dynamism that he presents, since this one evolves and adapts to the basic needs of the company.
Likewise, for the decade of the 70, one starts preparing what we know today as the revolution of the information.
The development of the...
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