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men Name: ___________________________________________________

Career__________________ Date:_____________

Choose the correct answer, A or B.

1 We use did / didn’tin the past simple with:

A he, she, it B I, you, he, she, it, we, they

2 Regular and irregular verbs form negatives and questions in:

A the same way B different ways

3 We formpast simple questions with:

A did + subject + verb B subject + did + verb

4 We form past simple negatives with:

A didn’t + subject + verb B subject + didn’t + verb

5 The correct shortanswer for Did she like the film? is:

A Yes, she did. B Yes, she liked.

2 Read the text. Underline the correct answer with A, B or C.

Nina: Where 1 ___ yesterday evening, Paul? We wereoutside the café at 7 o’clock but you 2 ___ there.
Paul: No. I 3 ___ late. Sorry!
Nina: 4 ___ at home?
Paul: Yes, I 5 ___ in the shower! What about you?
Nina: I 6 ___ in the café with Zak allevening. We 7 ___ worried about you.
Paul: 8 ___ with you, too?
Nina: No, 9 ___ . She 10 ___ at George’s house.
1 A you were B were you C you weren’t
2 A wasn’t B weren’t C was
3 A was B were Cweren’t
4 A I was B Were you C Was I
5 A was B weren’t C were
6 A were B weren’t C was
7 A was B were C wasn’t
8 A Dora was B Dora were C Was Dora
9 A she wasn’t B she was C was she
10 A was Bwere C weren’t

3 Match the questions with the answers.

1 When did you come back from holiday? a) I wore shorts every day – it was hot.
2 Did you watch TV every day? b) Yes, all my family camewith me.
3 Did you see a film? c) No, I didn’t use my mobile.
4 Did your mom and dad come with you? d) Last week. I had a great tim
5 Did your brother go swimming? e) Only one – to mygrandmother.
6 Did you phone your friends? f) Yes, we loved it!
7 Did you send any emails? g) Yes, he went every day.
8 Did you meet any nice people? h) Yes, I saw Dracula.
9 What did...
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