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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2011
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School of Fine Arts (found on the av. Obregón and Ramirez and Pedro F. Perez S / N Zona Centro de Mexicali, BC)
The Institute of Fine Arts, State of Baja California, was founded in 1966, but beganits official operation on January 1967 as a state school of fine arts (according to Decree No. 45 Official Journal 31 December 1966) as Governor of the State Raúl Sánchez Díaz (PRI).
Occupy thebuilding materials such as tri-play, cement, plaster and drywall, decorative wood, beams, etc. In addition to the man in charge builders more important was Mr. Joseph Charles Piña.
The building is shapedlike a rectangle, at the entrance are two pillars, the color is white and the inside is decorated with decorative wooden handicrafts made there, this historic site has more than 15 rooms in additionto the main office and has a second floor, its surface is coated solid concrete decorative wood.
By the time of the second floor is under renovation for the past causes tremor of 7.1.
 In 1967 thepopulation of Mexicali had 396.324 people inhabit the town and a total of 3.696 people who speak an indigenous language. Regarding education, the municipality has the necessary elements to absorb thepopulation of all academic levels. The basic or elementary level, where the demand is fully covered, is run by the Ministry of Education. In the middle and upper level have several campuses includingthe College of Bachelors highlights of Baja California, there are private institutions that meet the demands raised.
 The main economic activity

|Sector|Percent |
|Primary |11.33|
|(Agriculture, hunting and fishing) | |
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