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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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The giants

Jonatan cepeda
Miss doris del carpio

Summary of the movie

The movie facing the giants it is a question of anAmerican soccer team directed by the trainer Grant Taylor, this trainer tape-worm very bad luck in his life since for example one was throwing itto lose the car could not have children and they wanted to throw it of the soccer team
For not winning to some time ago any party

And itrealizes that his life is a fraud for which everything goes out for him badly, after this the trainer begins to trust mas in God as his players.The father of a player buys him a light truck privately for having helped to the reconciliation of the father with the son.

After the happenedeverything begins him to turn out to be better, acquires a good luck in the game.


It gains the seasons of the football matches, haschildren and many more victoreas in his life.

My opinion

I think that this movie was very surrealistic because things like that do notspend in the reality, which if it was agreeable to see was the reconciliation between the player and his father thanks to the help of the trainer.Conclusion

In conclusion the movie I please myself because it shows values and hope of a person who returns to trust if same thanks tohis faith in God, but simultaneously the movie is very irrealista because it shows a luck that is difficult to find in a person.

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