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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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Nombre: Federico kamke
Curso: 8C
Nombre profesor(a): Beatriz Díaz
Colegio: santo domingo
Fecha: 7/04/2011
Ítem I

1) While he was watching TV, jonas was eating his dinner.
2) When anna tried to print her letter to Maureen, the printer jammed.
3) When I used to live in California, I ate burritos everyday.
4) Brian was taking a shower when the doorbell rang.5) Jerome was backing into a parking space when he heard a crounch.
6) She used to wear glasses when she was eight years old.
7) By the time I arrived to your house you had gone.
8) She had eaten pizza when she went to Italy.
9) John used to ride his bike to school, but now he take the bus.
10) Ricardo always rrives on time to the school.
- Javier always playsfootball with his friends.
- Mary always goes to the cinema every Friday.
- My brother always watches TV at night.
11) I gave him the keys yesterday.
12) Beatriz used to live in Paris as a young girl.
13) I had fallen off the ladder when you arrived.
14) Fred ran out of the burning building quickly.
15) She told me about the party this weekend.
16) When you arrived at ourparty we had started dancing.

Item II

1) I will be at house at 9PM tonight.
-I will do my homework tomorrow.
-I will visit my grand parents next weekend.
-I will go to a party tomorrow night.
2) Jim usually goes to his mother‘s house on Sunday.
3) She used to be married but now she is single.
4) They asked him to speak at the meeting.
- I invited her to a partylast week
- They brought me chocolate for my birthday.
- My mother bought me some candies this afternoon.
5) I wanted the same stereo my friend had bought.
- I listened the same music my mother had played.
- She drank the same juice I had drunk.
- They visited the same place their friends had been before.
6) He was walking in the rain when the lightening hit the tree.7) We had slept all day after the all night dance party.
8) Please sit down well.
- Do your homework well.
- I hope they are well.
- She please the piano well.

9) Jane used to go to the gym but now she runs in the park.
- We used to a small house but now we live in a big house.
- I used to have long hair but now I have short hear.
- Tom used to travel a lot butnow he doesn’t go away very often.
10) Se told me to go to the store.
- They invited me to the party last Saturday.
- My mother congratulated me yesterday.
- My brother borrowed me his trainers.
11) I don’t know where the amusement park is.
- I went back to the town where I was born.
- Do you know a restaurant where the food is fantastic?.
- The place where we werelast week was really nice.
12) We are going to fantasilandia this weekend.
13) They went to brazil;however, they didn’t visit iguazu falls.

Item III

1) Jane used to go dancing every weekend (B)
2) Are you going to go to the party this weekend (E)
3) They told us to move our car (G)
4) She quietly walked past the sleeping lion (I)
- She quietly closed the dooryesterday
- She quietly played the piano last night
- She quietly organized the meeting
5) Bubba walked down the street where he live (D)
6) He works as a teacher now, but he used to drive a limosine (K)
- The baby doesn’t cry so much now but she used to cry every night
- We live in Santiago now but we used to live in arica
- Tom has got a car now but he used tohave a bike
7) Jason won’t return to the U.S this year (F)
8) We asked them to come to our party (A)
- She invited him to the cinema
- They give us a wonderful time
- She explained her to do her homework
9) Jane never walks home alone at night (C)
10) Jill was taking a bath when the phone rang (H)
11) I will never speak to you again (L)
- She will never...
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