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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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a. Clock signal generator
b. Programme address counter
c. Error list code

* input/output traffic control
* system operation reference manual
* data processingdepartment organization
* IBM printer operation keys
* Microsoft BASIC error checking code

a. automatic data processing
b. available machine time
d. central processing

a.Absolute value computer
b. accoustic delay time
c. advanced feed tape

1. high speed storage
2. full time assignment
3. low frequency radio signal
4. real time processing
5. on linedevices
6. off line operation

1. these high speed storages
2. Most full time assignments
3. Some low frequency radio signals
4. All real time processing
5. Both on Iine devices

1.An input/output management:

2. Multitasking operating systems:

3. Media manipulation:

4. None of the scheduling processes:

5. Batch jobs:

6. These functional requirements:7. Named files:

8. The real time simulation:

9. Some long term storage:

10. The actual multiprogramming system:

11. University Computer Centers:

12. All the text editorprograms:

13. Several logged on users:

14. Terminal users:

15. Most of the executable programs:

16. Main memory management:

17. Some cheap hardware equipment:

18. All of thememory access time:

19. Several complex data transfers:

20. High transfer rates:

21. A typical I/0 port:

22. The controller is divided in three functional layers: a )bus interface b)generic device controller c) device interface

23. Command registers are in charge of the Input/Output command transient between a Central Processing Unit and an input/output device.

24.user convenience and resource utilization are of secondary concern to real time system designers.

25. One of the primary objectives of multiuser systems is good terminal response time.
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