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Guía de ingles

name Susan
music beatles

What’s the girl´s firt name?
R. the girl´s first name Susan
Her name is Susan

Where´s Susan from
R susan is from USA
Does she music?
R yes, she does, her favorite band is cold play

What does she do?
R she is tour guide

Carla: Hi I’m Carla Herrera an you
Jorge: I’m Jorge Mendez. NiceMeet you
Carla: nice to meet too
Jorge: where are you from?
Carla: I’m from argentina
Jorge: argentino? What a nice contruy are you
from Mendoza?
Carla: no, I don’t I am fromCórdoba
Jorge: what do you do?
Carla: I’m a secretary I work in office
Jorge: Well, I’ am a teacher I work in a school
Carla: Oh really? How do you like your job
Jorge: yes I like a lot

At/ in/ on/after/ before
I live in Brighton. (Vivo en Brighton.)

The cat is in the box. (El gato está dentro la caja.)

I found your address in the phone book. (He encontrado tu dirección en la guíatelefónica.)

My parents arrive in France on Monday. (Mis padres llegan a Francia el lunes.)

We went to Mexico in May. (Fuimos a Méjico en mayo.)

I always run in the mornings. (Siempre corropor las mañanas.)

I will see him in a week. (Le veré en una semana.)

She was born in 1976. (Nació en 1976.)

He is at home. (Él está en casa.)

I always visit my sister at work. (Siemprevisito a mi hermana en el trabajo.)

We eat at the table. (Comemos en la mesa.)

I will see him at the theatre. (Le veré en el teatro.)

Her name is at the bottom of the page. (Su nombre estáen la parte inferior de la página.)

When did you arrive at the airport? (¿Cuándo llegaste al aeropuerto?)

He runs every morning at 6. (Él corre cada mañana a las 6.)

I will see them atChristmas. (Les veré en Navidad.)

The pen is on the table. (El bolígrafo está sobre la mesa.)

They have a photograph of Paris on the wall. (Tienen una foto de París en la pared.)

I am on the...
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