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Practice 15
Use these phrases for present tense questions. Answer your partner’s questions. Add frequency adverbs to your questions and answers.
1. Stay up all night
2. Cram for atest
3. Get eight hours of sleep
4. Ask questions in class
5. Be worried about school
6. Speak with your advisor
7. Be satisfied with your grades
8. Study with friend
9.Get help from a tutor
10. Ask for advie
11. Not do your homework
12. Be finished with classes by 3:00

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Practice 2

-Finish the following sentences with the appropriatesubject and object pronouns.

1. You want to speak to him, but he doesn’t want to speak to she .
2. My sister want to work with them, but ______ don’t wantto work with .
3. We visitthem, but don’t visit .
4. She send letters to Rosa and Jose, but don’t send letters to .
5. I am worried about her, but isn’t worriedabout .
6. My mother cooks for my father, but doesn’t cook for .
7. He takes photos of us, but don’t take photos of.
8. That woman knows you, but don’t know .
9. The student ask him for advice, but doesn’t askfor advice.
10. We understand them, but don’t ubderstand .

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Practice 3
-Fill in the blacks with one or more ofthese words: there, there’s, is, isn’t, are, aren’t. These can be statements or questions.

Augustin: Andrea, there’s nothing to do in the city. Let’s go camping!
Andrea: Camping?But there’s any people our age in the mountains.
Augustin: Sure there is . And there is camping equipment in our garage. Let’s...
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