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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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The new kids on the block are handheld PCs, or HPCs. HPCs are distinguished by the Windows CE operating system, kind of a “Windows lite.” They contain a core group of programs that resides inreadonly memory (ROM). Seven companies have jumped on the HPC bandwagon. They are casio, compaq; Philips, hewlett-packard, Hitachi, LG electronics and packard bell NEC.
The main advantage that HPCs haveover competing devices is that their operation is immediately familiar to anyone who uses Windows. They have te same start button, menú, task bar and icons. Their core programs include “poket” versionsof Microsoft Word an exel. Three separate miniapplications-calendar, contacts and tasks-comprise information manager, which integrates tightly with Microsoft Schedule . HCPs also include inbox, whichis an e-mail client, and usually shp with poket internet ezplorer.
The poker appications operate surprisingly like their desktop counterparts, despite their minuscule sizes- the entire set of coreprograms fits in just 4 megabytes (MB). You cant expect full functionality, of course, but you can be confident that the essential program features that you use most are there .
casios cassiopeia wasthe first HPC to hit the street. Two versions, the A-10 ($499) and A-11 ($599), are available. The main difference between the two is random-access memory (RAM). The A-10 has 2MB whil the A-11 has4MB. Both contain 4MB of ROM. Cassiopeias display consists of a 480 x 240-pixel touch- sensitive, monochrome LCD with four levels of gray. Abacklight is provided, as is a type II PC card slot. Like otherHPCs, the cassiopeia runs on a pair of AA min batteries and a lithium backup battery.
Compaqs PC companion is in many ways very similar to the cassiopeia. It should be- its manufactured for compaqby casio. The difference between the two companies products is the bundled software. Compaq adds a cuple of useful add-ons to the basic Windows CE aplications. One is mail on the run from river run...
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