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While my mom was working I was at home doing some chores.
Mr. Tomas was doing everything in hispower to give the report on time.
Cesar went to the mall on Saturday then after a few hours.
* Talk about superstitions
Many people belive that walking under a lader is bad luck.
Butopposite of that if we found a face up coins its of good luck.
I deeply belive that if I ever broke a mirror I would get 7 years of bad luck.
* Talk about past habits and situations
I have a habitof moving my legs everytime im nervious.
In my family we have the habit of playing cards on Sundays.
Another habit that I have is to check all the mirrors in the car before I go.
* Describefeelings
Many fealing are mostly said because of certain situations like a belly ache wich is a bad feeling. One good feeling is being happy for any reason.
* Talk about crime and criminalsWell the most know criminal I now is Al Capone he was the most important men in the Italian mafia. But like everything or everyone he was cought and taken to the prison nearby of San Francisco InAlcatraz.
* Write a story
Once upon a time there was a young girl that lived in Paris, France. She was the youngest of three sisters. She dream to bee a fashionista but her parents didn’tthought that was a carrear. But that was everything she ever wanted so she decided to go work for a woman that told her that if worked hard she could accomplish all her dreams.
When she arrived tomain capital she was really amazed because it was really big. After a few month of work mainly of the people she worked for notice she had talent for the fashionista circle. They told her that sheshould try to do some runways and she accomplish a good runway they would hire her and so she did. She made the most wonderfull runway ever seen and with all of this she had accomplish her her dreams.
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