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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2011
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1 ° "I"

my mom is a principal of an elementary school she works hard, is my working, very young she was very hardworking, always got good grades, and teachers congratulated her for being an exemplary student, she like my father wasborn October 4 but she was born in the year 1966 and call it has completed 44 years of age, routine is similar to Dad ,it 's just that my dad goes to leave their work while are based only on his car at work, she returned from work at 2 pm, she is from that time in the house, she does not eat or toilet because we have a woman who contracted for her do the toilet, my mom the only thing it does isLaBar ironing and dishes, but also at home was spent doing things related to work most of the time, that is the routine of my mother, but like my late dad week, are different making it impossible to describe all weekend with my mum.


my dad is an excellent person, he has turned forty-one years of age, is three years younger than my mom, was born on October 4 for the year of 1969, he alsohas a routine, but only Monday to Friday, weekends that makes things different in your morning routine begins at 7:00 am, bid farewell and prepares for work, breakfast, and take my mom to school, which is where she works, he works in a supervision, as an advisor to methods, their SUPERVISION is located in San Andres Chiautla, but is also the general secretary of the teachers union in the state ofMexico, then goes to his office going down to work until three in the afternoon, which go to home to eat, then go back to work, and Buelow home at seven in the afternoon, then begins to read or watch TV, or work on the computer, and that's all my dad's daily routine, if you count the weekends.

My pet is a dog named grisly, is an old English shepherd, she is white with black and is quitelarge, standing more or less as measured five feet inches, your life is very sedentary, she sleeps a lot and likes to play even that almost does not play, she bites the clothes you have at hand when it falls from above where we wash clothes, and almost completely destroys the clothes, with her ​​teeth, she is very obedient about not getting to the house that nags my dad and she is scary, so muchthat it comes only with Berman to me or my dad, she's not afraid of my sister or my mom, which is why if it get to the house she does not get with the order of my brothers and sisters, one with mine, and my dad.

my sister is a very sweet girl, very sweet, she loves to play, it is eight years old, likes to always be together, she really enjoys doing homework, is very studious, is inthird grade and loves her school, she begins at 8 am and returns at one and a half, then gets to watch some TV, and eat together, then you have to play with the computer, and makes task, when the end is absolutely free afternoon to play or do whatever she wants, but at some point of the day gets a bath, and out lies in his bed to rest a while, before dressing for dinner, weekends she practicesSumba, even that only on Saturday, because Sunday does nothing special to it every month go a practice of chess since she is a very good competitor in that game, she wants to make his first communion, but my dad has not led to catechism, because she did not have time.


My name is Leobardo Almazán Garcia, I have 15 years old, my mother is Patricia Garcia Gonzalez, and my father is FranciscoAlmazán Angel Estevez, who are very good people, I have a sister, her name is Abigail Garcia Almazán, in which we live my grandfather's house to keep him company, since before we lived in the house, lived with my grandmother, but my grandmother died, and moved with him alone no degassing. I have four animals, three of them are dogs, and one is a cat, my other pets are fish so you do not have much...
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