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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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Design Your Life

I want to introduce you the new magazine DESING YOUR LIFE , that show how you can organize different events like your wedding or the travel of 15 birthday, and others things likehow to organize your desk or how to organize your home also this magazine show different tips for women like hair styles , beauty secrets and other things.


This magazine born in 2009as a project of English, but this magazine was shown to different people that need a new magazine a new idea to show to the people the easy and complete ways to organize this kind of events that themagazine wants to share.
According to the author, the magazine would be a varieties magazine but she want to make something innovate something that talk about fashion but also talk about topics thatold people like to read but also the younger people, this was the purpose of the author make that the people find a link and look that they can find things in common.
One person wanted to buy thisidea but the author says that she wants to go ahead alone and look one company that can help to promote the magazine. She find the company her name is fresh look this company help to the author topromote and make a publicity.


This magazine counts with different sections those are:

Wedding: In this section talk about a lot of thing than can help the people.
The fist article talkabout tips to organize your wedding, this article is so useful for the people that need to make a organize wedding with easy ideas. Here you can find points that make the things easy.
In otherarticle talk about a premarital course, this point is so important because the couple needs to be sharing about that the decision that they make. Here you can find points like that:
This course helps thecouple to find the central quality, to be united in all of the moments, to improve the communication in the relation ship , decide the plans and the goals that the couple want and other things. This...
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