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1-I will work yo trabaje
2-She will study ella estudiara
3-They will leam ellos o ellas aprenderán
4-It will work Esto funcionara
I feel really tired. I think I______ go to bed.
a) Will
b) Goint to
2 Would you prefer tea or coffee?

I ______ have some coffee, please.
a) Goint to
b) Will
3 Would you like to come to my house for dinner and talkabout this?

Good idea. I ______ bring some wine.
a)yes will
4 Could somebody answer the phone?

I ______ get it.
a)No will
b) will
5 It's really hot in here.

I ______ put onthe air-conditioning
a) Will
b) Going to
1.-I'm going to visit some friends this afternoon.
2.-He's going to watch TV tomorrow.
3.-She's going to leave in ten minutes.4.-We're going to play tennis at six o'clock.
5.-You're to paint the kitchen on Friday.

Voy a visitar a unos amigos esta tarde.
Él va a ver la televisión de mañana.
Ella va a salir en diez minutos.Vamos a jugar al tenis a las seis.
Vas a pintar la cocina el viernes.

1. Are you going to work tomorrow?
Yes, I am.
Yes, he will.
2. What are you going to do for Christmas?
I'mgoing to stay at home.
I stayed at home.
3. Are you going to call the police?
Yes, I was.
Yes, I am.
4. Are you going to play cards tonight?
Yes, we are.
Yes, we did.
5. Will you gothe party?
Yes, we will.
Yes, she will.

Hotel clerk: Good morning. May I help you?
Rob: Yes, I need a room for three nights.
Hotel clerk: Certainly. We havestandard and deluxe rooms.
Rob: What's the difference?
Hotel clerk: Standard rooms are smaller than deluxe rooms. The beds in the deluxe rooms are bigger.
Rob: I guess the deluxe rooms are moreexpensive than the standard rooms.
Hotel clerk: Yes, of course.
Rob: The standard is fine for me. I don't have much money, so give me the cheapest room you have.

Secretario del Hotel:...