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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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Primary Responsibilities of a Software Developer

Primary Responsibilities of a Software Developer is to analyze the problem and gather theinformation about a particular program. And then on the basis of the analysis the programmer makes an error free program/software which meets all therequirement of the company. The developer is also responsible for making a program with in due date.

He should do proper documentation of theprogram so that it will be modify/change it according to required needs.

A software developer’s primary goal should be to create value for theusers of a system. Value can mean a lot of things here. First and foremost, it should be about things that users actually experience.Hello Bridget

I am very happy to be in France - Paris I have seen wonderful things including the Louvre and Picasso Museum are spectaculars, Ihave taken photos in the Eiffel Tower is really beautiful it is romantic and cathedral of Notre - Dame at first cost me to getused to transport and some climate.

I have several friends are very glad they have taught me some of their customs and traditions in the process ofadapting known many Latinos also from Chile, Colombia, Peru to Panama is also very nice because you do not feel all alone.

The truth tobe here is something amazing culture, people, history and tourist attractions are beautiful and the food is very good hope you enjoy my little stories.

Talk to you soon!
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