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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2011
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My wonderful time capsule
Why not has a time capsule to can save the best memories of your life? If I had my time capsule, I will get a big smile. I would keepmy time capsule inside the tank of my house and it was made of a water resist material to never it breaks. If I had buried my time capsule in the garden, Iwould have found my time capsule very easy. I want that my time capsule is found in a hundred years. I will choose my special items to can remember it forever. If mytime capsule had my special items, it would the best time capsule.

My first item in my time capsule would mi doll “Pipo Gestitos” because I love it, if I hadnot had my doll, I would have been angry. With the doll you can live great times and will very happy, you can play everyday and never will bored. If I were PipoGestitos I would very happy. My next item would my cellphone because is like my best friend and always talk with it, if I had not had a phone, I would have hada best friend. The cellphones are very important today because are the best way of communicate, if everyone had not a cellphone, we wont get nothing. Finally mylast item would my boyfriend because is very important for me and I want that the people in one hundred years know him, if I had not had my boyfriend, I wouldhave been very sad. A boyfriend is the best present that the life gives you.

I think that have a time capsule is very funny because you can remember specialtimes for example with the dolls you can have a lot of fun or with your boyfriend you live special times. If you had a time capsule, you will a happy person.
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