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Jessica Black: Hello everybody ! welcome to the first program: adolescent news. My name is Jessica Black. In our first program will we talk about bulling. To my right we have the famouspsychologist: Victoria Cooper, who is going to speak to us it brings over of this problem that is very common among the today teenagers.
Also we will have the testimony of two teen victims of thisproblem. Well, what is your opinion according to this problem ?

Victoria Cooper: To start with, I think One of the principal factors is the familiar contncion, the support that resive the boy withregard to his social environment. It is very imortante that the parents know with whom his children re-join and that activities realize, also the communication is important with the children on the partof the parents.

Jessica Black: If i know it is something that one does not find in all the families. Later I invite you to take aciento and attends this case of two friends who were struck by twogirls.

Victoria Cooper: Thanks you

Jessica Black: Hello Juliet Cullen , Hello Edward Pringston

Juliet Cullen and Edward Pringston: Hello Jessica and Victoria

Jessica Black: Of thisanother side we find Karina Antonio and Katerina Barrio, hello girls.

Karina Antonio and Katerina Barrio: Hello Jessica and Victoria.

Jessica Black: Tell Well guys it has happened, Juliet appearsthat these very hurt, people and we want to know what has happened.

Juliet Cullen: This makes three days. It was after school, was with Edward going to my house, we were listening to music with thehot dog eating mp4 and. When someone touches the back and Edward …

Edward Pringston: and turned around thinking it was someone I knew. Karina and I was hit in the face without saying anything, I gotup and told him to calm down. I was surprised because they go the same school as us.

Juliet Cullen: Then I took to me, pushed me against the wall and begin to kick the legs, then I stick in the...
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