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Tom and Becky stayed home for many days. Then, two weeks after their adventure, Tom visited Becky and talked to her father.
Mr. Thatcher said, “You’re a very good boy, Tom. You helped Becky in thecave. Thank you. People can’t go into it now because it has a new big door.”
“But Injun Joe’s living in the cave!” Tom said.
Some men went down the river to the cave. Tom went with them. They openedthe new door. Injun Joe was there, but he was dead.
Tom wanted to talk to Huck. Later in the week he went to Mr. Jones’s house. The two boys talked about their adventures.
“The money isn’t in InjunJoe’s house,” Tom said. “It’s in the cave! I know, because Injun Joe was there. Let’s get it”.
Huck was afraid. “But maybe we can’t find it.”
“I can find it again,” Tom said. “I know about a smalldoor at the back of the cave. Becky and I came out there. We can go in that door, and I can find Injun Joe’s treasure.”
“OK,” Huck said. “Let’s go today.”
That afternoon the boys went in a small boatto the back of the cave. Tom walked first, and Huck went alter him. They walked and walked.
Then Tom said, “This is the right place! Injun Joe was here.”
The boys looked for a good place fortreasure.
Suddenly, Tom said, “Look! There’s a cross! Injun Joe said, ‘under the cross’ Let’s look there!”
The boys went to the place with the cross. Tom said. “I’m going to dig here with my knife ….Look! It’s the treasure box! Let’s get it out now. The treasure’s ours!”
“This box is very heavy,” Huck said. “We can’t take it with us.”
“I have some small bags,” Tom said. “We can put the money inthem and take it home.”
The boys went out of the cave with the money.


Tom y Becky se quedaron en casa durante muchos días. Entonces, dos semanas despuésde su aventura, Tom visitó a Becky y se dirigió a su padre.
Sr. Thatcher dijo, “Usted es un muchacho muy bueno, Tom. Usted ayudó a Becky en la cueva. Gracias. La gente no puede entrar en ello...
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