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Dangerous game

Dangerous game is a history where the writer relates to us of a form very entangled at the beginning of how he brings back to consciousness gets to kill little by little, knowingthat the worse enemy than we have is one same one.
The owner of the story is William, famous writer, widower of his loved Julie wife, beautiful, natural, charismatic, quite the opposite to him, bythose and many to more loved it reasons, to their could unite them difference. Another important personage is his better and unique Louis friend who all the Thursdays met to play chess.
William has abig secret, secret is giving us clues along the story, everything starts with a very curious, what polly described as a ghost, playful, and appeared only at night, at first said pranks that weremade​​, things moved him instead, I lit the lights turned off and so I take it as a game, eventually decided to put the game these consisted of the first disconnect the cable won the lamp, every night was thesame until one day he had contact with him, you'd think a normal contact but it did not scratch so polly what concerns arose, his friend and it looked different, more eccentric, thin as if somethingworried and not let him sleep, the writer said that when Louis came home to play the noise stopped as though Polly did not exist therefore he believed that more so I could cross off crazy as any of theactions were expressed in presence.
Over time William was going crazy as a result of Polly, as his time and thoughts were absorbed completely, I could not think of anything more than this ghost orgoblin, for months I could not do much in his book but approaches began when he wrote too much and that his story was based on those events
One dark night very different from the others in yourbathroom found a cat, he was very famed and the first thing that came to mind was the night they met polly.

When the truth comes to light was when I played hide and seek in his room under the sheets...
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