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  • Publicado : 6 de noviembre de 2011
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1- Are you a student? R: Yes, i am.

2- Whats your address? R: It’s Concejal Miguel Godoy street.

3- It’s Cristina Aguilera amecanic? R: No, she isn’t.

4- How old is your best friend? R: She is sixteen years old.

5- Are you france? R: No i’m not.

6- It’s BritneySpears paraguayan? R: No, she is not.

7- What does your mother do? R: She is a Indert coordination.

8- What does your father look like? R: He istall.

9- What are you like? R: I am frendly pencil.

10- What are you wering? R: I am wering look jeans and white t-shirt.

11- It’sther at video store nier heart? R: Yes, there it’s.

12- Are ther any bang on this streat? R: No, there aren’t.

13- What time do you get ap?R: I get at six o’clock.

14- What time does she go to school? R: She go to school and seven o’clock.

15- Do you beik your day everyday?R: Yes, i do. No, i don’t.

16- Does your brother washine this hets. R: Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.

17- What are you donig? R: I studyEnglish.

18- What do you usually do on satursday’s? R: I usually watching tv.

19- Do you like to it pizza? R: Yes, i like. No i don’t like.20- When were you born? R: I was born on may 8, nineteen eighty nine.

21- Did you goung to the movies yesterday? R: Yes, i did. No, ididn’t.

22- What where you doing when the likes when cut? R: Y was i my bedroom.

23- What hapen on my fifteen? R: It was mothers day.
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