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Lienith Matos
EING 4047
Dr. Tores]

Procedure and Activities

1. Anticipatory Set
a. The teacher ill ask the students, what animals World you see in a farm?
b. The teacher willdisplay using movie maker come pictures of farms and videos of farms. Then she will ask questions like:
1.) What animals did you see in thee pictures and videos?
2.) What do chickens do in a farm?3.) What do cows do in a farm?
4.) Has anyone visited a farm? How was that experience?

Today I will read a story titled: Snore But theree are some hard words wee neeed to learnfirst.

2. Presentation of vocabulary
Using Power Point the teacher will present the vocabulary words with pictures
and will ask:
a. Who knows what is happening in the picture?Can you say a word to describe
it? The answer will appear after the student answers


Snore- noises produced when sleeping by breathing hard
Peaceful – tranquilRose- to move higher
Trotted- walk of a four legged animal

The teacher will let the student guess what the story is about, what is ooing to happen later on in the story.

3. MotiveQuestion
Will someone be snoring in the story? If so who? If not why is the title snore?

4. Presentation of new Material
a. The teacher will read the book Snore by Michael Rosen using Big Bookversion.
b. Then she will ask and write some of the answers on the board:

1. Who was sleeping in the beginning of thee story?
2. Who wassnoring?
3. Who could not sleep?
4. How was the night?
5. Why they could not sleep?
6. What did the animals do to solve theproblem? Give examples
7. What colors was the cat?
8. Describe the cow
9. Who woke up the dog?
10. How the animals were...
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