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Ingles Requisito. Every action has consequences
Assignments that change the world and butterflies that cause tsunamis
Do you believe that school assignments can change the world? Can theflap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas? What do the Pay it Forward concept and the Butterfly Effect have to do with of this? If you follow the plan for this activity, you willfind it out.
1. Use a line to mach concepts and meanings

* Very small deed

* Something thas done, performed,

Ofaccomplished tiny

A particular task pr duly (at school
Job) pay it forwardTo move (wings, arms) up and downs pay it back

To repay or return a favor to the person
You owe it flap

Theprocess occurring when one
Person gives to another, and thus
Causes a continual chain of giving assignment

b) For students C and D:
The butterfly effect explainedvideo:
The "butterfly effect" is a concept that refers to the notion of time to initial conditions within the framework of chaos theory. The idea is that, given initial conditions of a particular chaoticsystem, the slightest change in them can cause the system to evolve in completely different ways. It so happens that a small initial disturbance, through a process of amplification, can generatea considerably large effect in the medium or short period of time.
Its name comes from the phrases "the flapping of a butterfly's wings can be felt across the world" (Chinese proverb) or "the flappingwings of a butterfly can cause a tsunami across the world" and as well as "the mere flapping of a butterfly can change the world.
5. Share the information. Students A and B inform C and D about their...
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