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Title of the Paper (16pt Times New Roman, Bold, Centered)

AUTHORS' NAMES (Capital, 12pt Times New Roman, centered)
Department (12pt Times New Roman, centered)
University (12pt Times New Roman,centered)
Address (12pt Times New Roman, centered)
COUNTRY (Capital, 12pt Times New Roman, centered) (12pt Times New Roman, centered)Abstract: - This is a sample of the format of your full paper. Use Word for Windows (Microsoft) (or equivalent Word Processor with exactly the same "printing results") by tuning -1.3 cm from rightand -1.3 cm from left in the Microsoft Word package, or equivalently by keeping 1.8 cm, real distance, from right and 1.8 cm, real distance, from left. Use single space. Use double-column format afterthe Key-Words. Use 11pt, Times New Roman. For the words Abstract, Key-Words and References use Italics.

Key-Words: - Leave one blank line after the Abstract and write your Key-Words (6 - 10 words)1 Introduction
As you can see for the title of the paper you must use 16pt, Centered, Bold, Times New Roman. Leave one blank line and then type AUTHORS' NAMES (in Capital, 12pt Times New Roman,centered), Department (in 12pt Times New Roman, centered), University (in 12pt Times New Roman, centered), Address (in 12pt Times New Roman, centered), COUNTRY (in Capital, 12pt Times New Roman,centered). Then you must type your e-mail address and your Web Site address (both in 12pt Times New Roman, centered).
The heading ofeach section should be printed in small, 14pt, left justified, bold, Times New Roman.
You must use numbers 1, 2, 3, … for the sections' numbering and not Latin numbering (I, II, III, …)

2 ProblemFormulation
Please, leave two blank lines between successive sections as here.
Mathematical Equations must be numbered as follows: (1), (2), …, (99) and not (1.1), (1.2),…, (2.1), (2.2),…...
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