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1. Read and complete. For each number 1-12, choose a Word or phrase A, B or C.
Many people see strange things in the sky and think they ________ be UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). It’s certainly difficult __________ what happened to a young Australian pilot in 1978.
At 6.19pm on 21 October,20-year-old Frederick Valentich took off in a Cessna 182 from Melbourne. He ____ to fly over the sea to King Island, between Australia and the island of Tasmania.
At 7.06pm, Valentich contacted Steve Robey at Air Traffic Control in Melbourne, because he ____ see a large aircraft _____ over him. Robey was very surprised –he knew there _____ be any other aircraft in the area. But the small Cessnawasn’t alone. Valentich watched the UFO flying above _____. The object was long and very fast with a green light. It ______ like metal, but it wasn’t a plane. Then it disappeared from the sky.
At 7.11pm, when Valentich was still 30 minutes from land, he reported engine problems. “I’m going ______ to reach King Island,” he told Robey. Suddenly he shouted “I ___________see that strange thing aboveme again, and it’s not an aircraft!” Robey _______ a strange noise over the radio, and then there was silence.
The Cessna 182 never reached King Island: the plane and pilot completely disappeared. We _________ probably never know what happened to Frederick Valentich.
1. A can B could C mustn’t
2. A to explain B explain C explained
3. A must B have C had
4. A can B couldC did
5. A to fly B flying C flew
6. A ought B should C shouldn’t
7. A him B his C himself
8. A saw B watched C looked
9. A try B to try C trying
10. A can B could C might
11. A listened B heard C sounded
12. A will B won’t C can’t

2. Read again and make questions for these answers (_____/22)
Twenty years old.

b) ________________________________________________?
King Island

c) ________________________________________________?
At Air Traffic Control

d) ________________________________________________?
Long and very fast with a green light

e) ________________________________________________?
No, it never did.

3. Gerund orinfinitive: match the beginnings with the endings. (____/6)
1. Tiffany’s parents want her
2. But Tiffany feels like
3. She promises
4. Her parents want to avoid
5. So they allow her
6. She’s dreaming of

a. To phone her parents every night.
b. Having an argument with her.
c. To go on holiday with them.
d. Having lots of parties when her parents are away.
e. Todo what she wants.
f. Staying at home and being with her friends.

4. Complete with the present simple active or passive of the verbs. (____/16)
Books of the past, present and future
You want to buy a book? Simple! Or is it? You ____________(buy) books in bookshops. But today many books also _________ (sell) in supermarkets and other shops. A lot of people _________(buy) books over theInternet and the books ___________(send) to them by post. In fact, you don’t have to read paper books any more. Lots of books __________(record) and people ___________(listen) to them on cassette or CD. And there are e-books which _____________(download) onto MP3 players and ___________(listen) to by people on the bus or train, or on their way to school.

5. Complete the sentences withnegative adjectives. (____/4)
a. When you are rude, you are ____________________________.
b. It’s against the law. It’s _____________________.
c. It can’t be seen. It’s ______________________.
d. I can’t believe it. It’s _______________________.

6. Choose the correct phrasal verb.(____/6)
a. We are best friends. We get on – get up well together.
b. After robbing the...
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