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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Part I
Santiago de Surco, January 1st

Dear Emilia

I hear you're in Arequipa, I wish you have a good trip. I am writing to recommend some sights that you could visit.
Tobegin your journey should start to visit ”La Momia Juanita" because it is in the center of the city and when you finish take a rest. The next day after lunch you could visit "El Colca", but itmay rain.  You must wear jackets because it is very cold. 
In the night after a break you can go to nightclubs, someone might go with you.
Well those are some recommendations for you, takecare.


Part II
When I visited Arequipa first thing I did was to visit the central square,then I bought typical food and cloth. When I arrived to Arequipa.
The food in Arequipa was the most delicious; I ate "Rocoto Relleno" that is made with meat and potato salad. They also ate"Queso Helado" is made from milk, but not with cheese. I met "Mummy Juanita" who was discovered by Johan Reinhards. Arequipa was founded on August 15, in1540 by Spanish conquistadors.

Arequipa Hotel was very comfortable, had a lot of services and good received. 
Then my teacher told me: "I'll show you the room After You've Had something to eat."
After lunch at thehotel we went to visit the Colca and I thought "If I wear the green jacket, I will not be cold"
On the way to Colca I thought it would be beautiful, I will visit Arequipa the next year.

A good city to visit is Lima, the capital of Peru. It is a gray city, a good place to visit is Miraflores, is very clean and green where you can find luxury hotels. In Limaare several important museums where you can learn more about the Inca culture. In Lima you can eat various dishes like Ceviche. If you want to come to Peru and visit the capital will cost $ 500 for 3...
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