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Part III

This last part of the research shows the survey applied in this scholar community. This was considered the thirty percentage of each sector of the school, such as teachers, students and staff. The results show the midfield of research where the sectors of this school state the point of view of the subject of study. The author considers pondering the most important perspective fromdifferent sectors.

First of all, the author thinks describing the research instrument for the survey so as to show what the supporting records in the questions to inform his general conclusion. The reason to use this survey was to show every body how the subject of the study is considered in this school. See appendix __(la encuesta)_. (attached document section).

Example 1



The arithmetic mean from teacher brought up the following data according to the first question (see appendix __la encuesta__) the sixty percentages said that they did not know about graffiti. Just the thirty denied knowing about graffiti. And the rest did not answer.

Example 2

Students’ opinion


In the student midfield brought these data up: as itcan see the majority of student answered positive the first question and the rest denied knowing about graffiti. In the next question can be appreciated that there is a shift difference between the consideration if graffiti is good or bad. In the third that considered the graffiti a kind of art both answers are equals. The last question shows the magnitude of free expression from a short part ofpopulation.

Example 3 School staff’s opinion Question 1

|1. They do not know what graffiti is |30% |
|2. They jus know that is done by young people |23% |
|2. They consider that graffiti is a kind of art|17% |
|3. They think that is a gang expression |8% |
|4. They deny that is a kind of expression |10% |

As it can be appreciated in the box, it shows most of staff do notknow about graffiti is. They consider that graffiti is only done by teens. Some of them state that is a kind of art. A few of them thinks that just gangs use this expression. Finally, a minimum of them denied that graffiti is a kind of expression.

In conclusion, the author to sum up he thinks that teacher’s opinion permits that is necessary to inform to the teaching population about whatgraffiti is. Including students should be touch graffiti as part of art subject to integrate their skills for interpreting other kind of art. Also school staff will be oriented about graffiti so as to change its state of mind and enrich its concept in art disciplines.

The author brings to a close for this part of research that the conception about graffiti in not universal. That means thatthe appreciation about this subject of research expires time by time. It is probable that in a few years this conception would change because of people transition a long years.

General conclusion

In this part of the research the authors retakes his/her perspective from each part. He/she states analyzing the results and balances the advantages and disadvantages from consequences of the study.Also suggest further information for new researchers on this subject of study.

To summarize from part one the author thinks that……………In the second part the author shows the most important facts that he/she thinks that……………..Finally in the third part the author winds up that…………

According to the objective the author thinks that…………… Retaking the hypothesis the author bring to an...
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