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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2011
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3º 4

Interdisciplinary Project
Professor: Israel



OBJECTIVE: To determine different types of seeds that we use every day (beans, lentils,chile, lemon, apple and so on.) To know their roles and to fence the area of ​​the Sierra de Guadalupe that we were awarded as well as create a generator of light without use electricity to illuminatethe place.

This project aims to maintain in good condition the land that gave us to keep it in good condition and make new innovations. For this reason all our supporters from different materialsforms according to their subject.

Our work in the field of biology was in the process of obtaining seeds of different types, investigating their properties, as these will have an application in theSierra de Guadalupe. These seeds were planted and analyze whether they are appropriate for the type of soil found on site, consider whether the land is fertile for planting herbs that can benefit bothanimals and people living around the site.

The advancement of the field of physics is to generate a generator, so that it can light up the place at night, this prototype is to generate lightwithout using electricity or some kind of cable. This prototype is still in the planning because we have not yet defined. One of our prototypes is electricity generated by wind power battery and blades butthe price is very high although the group prototype is yet not come to a decision.

Another breakthrough came third in the field of chemistry where we will develop some fertilizer to spray the landthat is now barren and plants can grow properly, no pollution, the subject enters into the sciences as they talk about the transgenic plants and contaminate certain chemicals, so we will create afertilizer that would not contaminate
the environment.

Another quarter is in progress regarding this story as we have to write an entire blog on our analysis and conclusions, as we will be climbing...
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