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The Main Ingredent Is Love

I. The main idea

The main idea is the different kind of the love in the people life.

II. Vocabulary

1. Empty- without meaning
2. Abstract- notconcrete
3. Transformation – changes
4. Development- a stage of advancement
5. Hatred- extreme dislike
6. Perceive- feel
7. Essence- the fundamental nature
8. Motive- what makes aperson act in a particular way
9. Subjective- personal
10. Wonder- to be curious to know something
11. Belongings- possessions

III. Journal Entry

Love is a strange felling.There are many kinds of love. An example of that is the love between parents and sons; this is for me the most pure love of all. I think this, because this kind of love is where you give without expectinganything in return. In this mutual love you teach, take care of, protect and learn each other without afraid of treachery. I as a son fell so proud of my parents, especially of my mom, which was awoman who left everything to care for and lead us down the path of good. Thanks to her I am the good person, I am a responsible man, hardworking, a fighter, honest, respectful, etc. My biggest goal isto graduate to my mom proud of me and we can give what you deserve.

A Tribute to Mrs. Fiddy

I. The main idea

The main idea is about the great teacher. She is a good model for the otherteacher.

II. Vocabulary

1. Hispanic – speakers of Spanish
2. Methodology- rules used in a discipline
3. Trust- confidence
4. To share- to experience in common
5. Owe- tohave to pay
6. To overcome- conquered
7. Shyness- timidity
8. Pantomimes- communication using bodily expressions
9. Pride- dignity, self -respect
10. To cherish- to treasureIII. Journal Entry

I was not much time at school but if I remember my teacher at school in Colombia. I was a very naughty boy. She always was scolding me, and I then said it was bad. But now a big...
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