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Strategies for group dynamics
1. Restructuring: Require students to interact physically as a group. Students are given specific instructions for carrying out the task. Minimal participation by theteacher. Help students adjust to future small group
2. One centered: Put one student in the spotlight for a few minutes. Each student is given individual attention for a limit period of time.
3.Unified group: Promote cooperation in the group. Group goals instead of individual goals. Require the participation of each group member. No members may bow out.
4. Dyad: Give students theopportunity toward one to one with others in the class, Students become better acquainted with each other, feel more comfortable sharing personal ideas and values.
5. Small group: require patience,motivation and good listening habits. The teacher act only as a facilitator, the responsibility for success lies with the group itself. Help students develop techniques for fair group interaction.
6. Largegroup: similar to small group activities in their objectives and structure. The inclusion of a larger number of students. Require more skills among group members in fair group interaction.
Steps inteaching
1. Students must see values in group work. Students must understand at least some of the many rationales for this kind of classroom experience.
2. Students must be aware of the necessaryskill for successful group work in order to know what they are supposed to do.
3. Students must practice the skill. Design and set up practice situations.
4. Students need to process the skill theyhave practiced. Become aware of what exactly it is they practiced and to evaluate how successful they have been in the practice of the skills.
Levels of
1. Forming: Organizing the groupestablishing behavioral norms.
2. Functioning: Completing task and maintaining good relationship within the group. Time limit.
3. Formulating. Helping learners develop and deeper understanding of the...
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