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TENSES REVIEW Put the verbs in brackets into the right tense. a. How long ________ you ____________ (belong) to the club? b. How often _______ you ____________ (go) to the cinema? c. It's the firsttime Paul (eat) ___________________ snails. d. Tim was excited. He (not be) _________________ to London before. e. When Sally ((walk) _________________ into the room, she (turn on) _________________the lights. f. Helen (sell) ________________ her house. She (sell) _________________ it two weeks ago. g. Before Sam (sit) ______________ the Maths exam, he (revise) ________________ for two hours.h. I (be) _________________ at this school for five years. i. ________ you ____________ (make) your bed yet? j. As soon as Paul (revise) ________________ for his exam, he (start) _______________ towatch TV. k. Sue (live) _________________ in her grandparents' house these days. l. `It's very cold in here´ `Yes, you are right. I (close) _________________ the windows.´ m. While George (do)______________ his homework, Sally (listen) ______________ to music. n. I feel terrible. I think (be) ___________________ sick. o. Tom and I (go) ___________________ to the beach this weekend. p. When Peter(arrive) ________________ at the office he ((realize) _______________ he (forget) __________________ his briefcase at home. q. Sorry, I'm busy preparing dinner now. Can you call me back in about anhour? I (not cook) ___________ ___________ then. r. Do you think that computers ((control) ___________________ our lives in the future? s. I (live) ______________ in Valencia. I (live)________________ here since I was born. t. I (never go) ___________________ on holiday with my parents. u. My Dad (give) __________________ me some extra money. Do you want to go shopping? v. _________ you_____________ (know) María for long? w. After Sue (iron) ______________ the clothes, she (start) _______________ to prepare lunch. x. As soon as Jae (drink) ________________ a glass of milk, she (go)...
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