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  • Publicado : 19 de enero de 2012
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My´s Chritsmas days.

The twenty first of December I had my last exam, then of this I went dinner with my friends to celebrate the end of the quarter. The next day I went to myvillage for my´s Chritsmas holydays.
The first week was very important because Chritsmas days was the Saturday.
On the Chritsmas Eve my brother came home and this night, my grandparentsalso came for dinner with us.
My mun cooked lots of succulents foods and my grandmum set the table.
After dinner I and my family went to mass also went to eat biscuits with my granddad.When we finished I went wiht my friends to another friend house and we danced all night.
The Chritsmas day my brother´s girlfriend come home and all ate fish. In the afternoon myaunt and my cousin come home and we spent all afternoon talking.
This week my father and I finished picking the olives and the 28th were the Bea´s birthday, she invited us to drink something and we bought she a present so beautiful.
I was having a good time, however I didn´t study anything.
This week after the Bea´s birthday we had a party in the church because webelong to a group of young christians.

In the end of the years, my family, my grandparents and I had dinner in my house and then we ate the twelve grapes.
Then I went to the disco andI went to bed at 7.00 in the morning few hours laters my family and I went to my grandfather´s houese to eat.
The next week I only did my homework and on the Three magic kings´s nightI turn in a Magic king to give presents to the poor´s childrens.
The next morning when I get aut of bed y had may presents in my shoes near the chritsmas tree.

Last Saturday y getto Granada with my family to shopping at the sales. I bougtht may clothes and we ate in an asian restaurant.
In conclusion, I´ve spent a good holydays but now I have to study hard.
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