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Presente simple
1- Susan always smiles.
2- George seldom laughs.
3- We rarely frown.
4- He is handsome.
5- She is beautiful.
6- I study English.
7- He plays tennis.
8- I work in a bank
9- I leave Madrid tomorrow morning
10- I don't play tennis.
11- She doesn´t go to the cinema.
12- We don´t know the answer.
13- Do you play football?
14- Does she go to the cinema?
15- Do weknow the answer?
16- I like hamburgers.
17- Does he play the guitar?
18- Do you like hamburgers?
19- She is not at home.
20- He is not very tall.
21-i play tennis.
22-She does not play tennis.
23-Does he play tennis?
24-The train leaves every morning at 8 AM.
25-The train does not leave at 9 AM.
26-When does the train usually leave?
27-She always forgets her purse.
28-He neverforgets his wallet.
29-Every twelve months, the Earth circles the Sun.
30-Does the Sun circle the Earth?
31I- am here now.
3-2She is not here now.
33He needs help right now.
34He does not need help now.
35He has his passport in his hand.
36Do you have your passport with you?
37The train leaves tonight at 6 PM.
38The bus does not arrive at 11 AM, it arrives at 11 PM.
39When do weboard the plane?
40The party starts at 8 o'clock.
41When does class begin tomorrow?
42My sister watches TV in the mornings
43The dog doesn´t like to eat chocolate
44Do you work for that company?
45I collect stamps.
46We play card games.
47He reads comics.
48Chris sings in a band.
49We have a hamster.
50Andy and John like cola.

Pasado simple

1I liked the movie last night.
2Hepronounced the words well.
3You noticed Julia's new dress.
4You missed me last week.
5They arrived this morning.
6She used the correct word.
7We waited for you after class.
8She invited him to her party.
9I expected to see her yestErday.
10They received a letter this morning.
11I didn't like the movie last night.
12He didn't pronounce the words well.
13You didn't notice Julia's newdress.
14You didn't miss me last week.
15They didn't arrive this morning.
16She didn't use the correct word.
17We didn't wait for you after class.
18She didn't invite him to her party.
19I didn't expect to see her yesterday.
20They didn't receive a letter this morning.
21Did I like the movie last night?
22Did he pronounce the words well?
23Did you notice Julia's new dress?
24Did you miss melast week?
25Did they arrive this morning?
26Did she use the correct word?
27Did we wait for you after class?
28Did she invite him to her party?
29Did I expect to see her yesterday?
30Did they receive a letter this morning?
31- Yesterday, i met my friends
32- Last year, i travelled to Italy
33 I phoned my brother one hour ago
34- i talked to him one minute ago
35- i was a good student36- I was Born in new york.
37- My last birthday, was the most wonderful day in my life.
38- I won the lottery last year
39- I went to the library last night, to read a book about christmas.
40- My grandmother gave me a letter
41- My sister told me that she was pregnant
42-We bought some presents.
43-My parents didn't arrive to home.
44-He ran very fast.
45-He should stayed at home.46-We didn't know what to do.
47-The newspaper was full of horrible news
48-Yesterday was a very nice day
49-When I woke up this morning I didn't feel like going to school
50-My friend said that's not true
Oraciones comparative y superlative
-My girldfriend is the most beatiful of the world.
-You are the person most important in the class.
-Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccerplayer.
-China is the most polluted city in the world
-He is the tallest boy in the class.
-I´m the thinest person here.
-The elephant is the bigest animal in the sabana
-The nilo River is the longest river in the world
-soccer is the best deport in Mexico
-She is the most famous person in New York I am the most beautiful...
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