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State capital of Nuevo Leon, as well as head of the urban area that bears his name: Monterrey metropolitan area. The conurbation made up the town and municipality of Monterrey with 1,135,512 inhabitants. and other locations in nine municipalities of Nuevo Leon, a total of 4,150,000 grouped people according to the latest official count andlimitation in 2010 by the INEGI, CONAPO and SEDESOL. The metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey is the third most populous after the metropolitan areas of Mexico, D. F. and Guadalajara. On the other hand, the number 17 in North America. Foundation 20 de September de 1.596

Monterrey is the second richest city in Mexico, only after Mexico City, America's number 19 and number 63 of the world according to thelist of cities by GDP (Appendix: Cities for GDP). It is one of the most developed cities in Mexico. The city is named after the Viceroy of New Spain Gaspar de Zúñiga y Acevedo, Count of Monterrey. This city is known as La Sultana del Norte as Mountain City in the amount of various rock formations that surround it. Monterrey is abbreviated as "MTY". Its Human Development Index (HDI) is 0.887 (2010)High.
Business leader in Mexico with foreign companies in the metropolitan area, also major producing Mexican cities. The city stands a leader in modernism in Mexico, because its location is perfect to the passage of American innovations before other Mexican cities.
Something representative of the city is that it combines both, green spaces and modern infrastructure that represents this modernMexican city
One of the most representative of the city is El Instituto Technologic y de Studios Superiors de Monterrey, which was the first to connect to the Internet in Latin America.
Monterrey is semi-warm. The average annual rainfall is about 600 mm distributed mainly in the summer months, with September the wettest month of the year. The average temperature is 23 ° C.
The typical cuisinefrom Monterrey include mashed with egg, a dish made with dried beef, eggs, and sometimes hot sauce. Another traditional dish from Monterrey is the kid, young goat slaughtered before they eat grass. Also on Roast Pig. On weekends afternoon housing starts to smell of roasting meat. One is the skirt steak cuts, particularly in the state. It is traditional that they are the men who prepare.
Accordingto the Köppen climate classification climate is semi-warm Monterrey. The average annual rainfall is about 600 mm distributed mainly in the summer months, with September the wettest month of the year. The average temperature is 23 ° C. There is a significant contrast between the seasons: in summer the days are hot with cool nights (40/25 ° C)

Guadalajara is a Mexican city, capital of Jaliscostate, as well as the main town in the urban area called Zone Metropolitan de Guadalajara. Located in western Mexico, the center of Jalisco, in the geographical area known as Valle de Atemajac.
The territory bounded on the north by the municipalities of Zapopan and Ixtlahuacán River, on the east Zapotlanejo Tonala, Tlaquepaque on the south and west with Zapopan. The total population of the city ofGuadalajara was 1,494,182 in 2010, being the largest city in the country, only after Mexico City and Monterrey. Meanwhile, the Guadalajara metropolitan area (consisting of 8 municipalities of Jalisco) comprises a total of 4,434,252 inhabitants, making it the second most populous country, after the Metropolitan Area of ​​Mexico City, 5 and ninth agglomeration Latin America's largest city.Culturally, the city Guadalajara is considered Mexico's most emblematic and that has given the country its iconographic image. The mariachi, tequila and horsemanship, originating in Jalisco, are the most representative symbols of Mexico in the world and have their cultural headquarters in Guadalajara. The city is also famous for its rich and varied cuisine, colonial architecture, folklore and religious...
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