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1. Working in pairs. Read about the type of information you can find in a dictionary. Fill in the blanks with the word that completes the definitions correctly. Choose fromthe options in the box. Check your answers.
Pronunciation/ syllable division/ part of the speech/ meaning(s)/ spelling
a) The pronunciation tells you how to say a word.
b) The part of the speechtells you what the function of the word in the sentence is
c) The syllable division tells you how to separate the word into syllables.
d)The spelling tells you how to correctly write a word.
e)The meaning(s) tells you what the definition of a word is.
2.This is an entry in a dictionary for the word supermarket. Using the information in theprevious exercise, label each dictionary section with the correct letter.
C Su·per·mar·ket
E a large self-service shop selling foods and household goods
A /’su:pema:kit/D Supermarket
B Noun
3. Use your dictionary to underline the best answer for each of the questions below
a) Look up beef and beep. If you were hungry,would you eat beef or beep?
R= I would eat beef
b) Look up grill and grinder. If I want to have a healthy meal, it is better to grill or to grinder the meat?
R=the food would be healther in grinderc) Look up noodles and noose. In Korea, people serve noodles or nooses for lunch?
R= in orea serve noodles for lunch
IV. Write the advantages and disadvantages of using dictionary
*Advantage of using a dictionary is that you know exactly the meaning of a word.
* A disadvantage is that you can find another meaning of the word.
V.Choose 5 words and identify their dictionaryentries
1. bone- one of the structures composing the skeleton of a vertebrate.
2. plate- a shallow, usually circular dish, often of earthenware or porcelain, from which food is eaten.
3. table- an...
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