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1.-De acuerdo a la lectura de la página 13 de su libro responda a las preguntas acerca de la lectura,1. What was Mr. Zayas’s most important goal?
Mr Zayas’s most important goal was to get a good education.

2. What happened when Mr. Zayas moved to New Jersey for training?
When Mr. Zayas moved to New Jersey for training, he got a much better job
3. What does Mr. Zayas do at the International Communication Service Center?
Mr. Zayas is an operational manager in charge of theInternational Communication Service Center.

4. Why is Mr. Zayas a good manager?
Mr. Zayas is a good manager because he knows how to delegate.

5. In Mr. Zayas’s opinion, what has helped him to be a successful executive?
In Mr. Zayas’s opinion, his strong personality has helped him to be a successful executive.

2.-Realice un mapa conceptual como en el ejemplo de su libro de lapágina 15, y teniendo como tema lo que realiza un contador.

3.- Escriba 4 oraciones utilizando simple present y presente cotinuos de su entorno familiar o amical..

1. I study very little. I'm working hard.
2. My brother goes the his child's pediatrician on Saturday. Now he is walking home
3. My son Diego likes to watch television. He likes cartoons of animals in the zoo.
4. My kids eateverything. Now they are eating quinoa

4.- Realice los ejercicios de las páginas 43 (d), 48 y 49.

PAG 43

Complete the paragraph with the words in parentheses. Use the simple past or the present perfect.

I have traveled all over the world and I have seen many different cultures and customs. Over the years, I have been very lucky, and I have never got sick on any trip.But last month, my luck changed. I went to Portugal for a two week holiday. My first few days were exciting. I saw all the sights in Lisbon, and I ate a lot of delicious Portuguese food. Then on my fourth day there, I woke up with a high fever and a terrible headache. I was not able to get out of bed. Luckily, I found a doctor who spoke English and who came to my hotel. He told me I had avirus and that I “ needed to stay in bed for a week.

PAG 48

A Combine the sentences with and or but to make compound sentences.

1. I used to smoke. I don’t anymore.
I used to smoke but I don’t anymore
2. I don’t drink. I watch what I eat.
I don’t drink and I watch what I eat

3. I eat junk food sometimes. I don’t drink soda
I eat junk food sometimes but I don’t drinksoda

4. I feel fine. I haven’t had a check-up this year.
I feel fine and I haven’t had a check-up this year.

5. My family hasn’t had any heart problems. My family hasn’t had any cancer.
My family hasn’t had any heart problems and my family hasn’t had any cáncer
6. My brother had an operation. He is feeling much better now
My brother had an operation and he is feeling muchbetter now

7. I used to have bad asthma. It has been better recently.
I used to have bad asthma but it has been better recently.

8. Megan’s doctor gave her a prescription. She doesn’t feel better.
Megan’s doctor gave her a prescription but she doesn’t feel better.

B Complete the compound sentences with and or but.

Mario Lives in Florida now, but he was born I Cuba. He livedthere for 16 years before coming to the United States. After he came to the United Sates, he was stressed a lot, and he started smoking. He smoked all through college. Then Mario graduated, and he met a woman named Doris. Doris liked Mario, but she did not like his smoking. Mario decided to quit, and Doris married him. Mario used to like desserts, but he gave them up after he got married. He...
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