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Unimar Student 1:
Reading and writing in English I Student 2:
Prof. Juan Valdez Score:

Capitalization/Punctuation: Assignment

A. No Punctuation Paragraph: add capitalletters and punctuation marks to this paragraph

Paragraph 1

once upon a time there was a little girl her name was roxanne she loved to listen to the song roxanne one day her friend jemima wentto her house and started to talk she would not stop talking she would say stuff like oh my gosh i saw this cute purse yesterday or there was this cute little dog that walked up to me in the park butthe worst thing she said was that she saw roxanne’s mom cheating on her dad roxanne had to get to the bottom of this roxanne got on the phone with her daddies limo driver and said you have to come pickme up now or it will be too late the limo driver replied i cant i'm waiting for your dad so roxanne being as smart as she is built herself a giant robot she rode this giant robot all the way to wherejemima had said she saw her mom and this man yesterday roxanne saw this man trying to kiss her mother but her mother was pushing him away roxanne knew she had to protect her mother so she yelledrobot attack and the robot squished the man roxanne was wondering what her mother had been doing there and she asked mommy what were you and that man doing there and roxanne’s mom replied he was trying tomaul me roxanne and her mother and her father and the giant robot and the three cats named larry curly and mo lived happily ever after

Paragraph 2

felicity will you look this way exclaimed MrsAppleton you have been fidgeting all morning felicity tore her eyes reluctantly away from the coin she was holding in her hand and tried to concentrate on her class teacher who was talking about math– something to do with multiplication Felicity vaguely recalled she caught matt’s eye and they grinned excitedly at each other this was it today was the day the two best friends had been waiting...
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