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The Eagle of the Ninth
Before Reading
In ad 117 the ninth legion marched to northern britain to make war on the caledonians.These tribes hated the romans and were wild, dangerous people. None of the soldiers returned, so nobody knew how the Legion met its end. Every legion ha dan Eagle, made of metal, and if a legion los tits Eagle in battle, it was a grat dishonour. In the early 1900s anEagle without its wings was discovered under an ols Roman town in the south. Nobody knows why it was buried there.
1- Does Marcus travel north openly, as a Roman office? Yes he traveled
2- Does he find the lost Eangle of the Ninth Legion? Yes he find the lost Eagle
3- Do the Caledonians give him the Eagle? No they don’t
4- Does he find his father alive, líving with a northern tribe?Yes he find his father
5- Does he find anyone from the Ninth Legion? No he don’t find
6- Did the Legion meer its end with honour, or dishonour? They legion meet its end with distionour.
7- Does Marcus retorn to Rome after his adventures? Yes he returned

While Reading
Read Chapter 1, ans then anser these questions.
1-.Because from time to time the british still tried to fight.
2-.Becauseher brother and her father lived there.
3-.Because is carried the honour the name of the legion.
4-.Because he could hear something moving between the fort and the town.
5-.Because the mist was not lífting.
6-.Because they know that the patrol don’t get back in to the fort
7-Because he wanted to make the chariot crash.

Read Chapter 2 and 3. Are these sentences T o F? Rewrite the false oneswith the correct information.
2-.FALSE: The girl Marcus saw at the games did not enjoy the bear fight.
3-. FALSE: the slave under the net was too proud to beg for his life.
5-.FALSE :Esca brought Marcus an wolf cub he had saved from the Hunt
7-. FALSE: Cottia was a british girl, and hated everything Roman
8-.FALSE: Marcus was happy that Cottia to visithim.

Read Chapters 4 and 5, and then answerthese qüestions.
1-.Because he could no longer be a soldier ans the only other thing he could do was farming and he needed money.
2-.He thought that probably the soliders of the ninth legion had all been killed in battle.
3-.Because there were lost of sick eyes and eye-doctors in Britain.
4-.Because he felt he should not ask aslave to go on so dangerous a joureny but perhaps he could ask some friend.
5-.He asked her to come and see cub every day ans talk to him about Marcus and he also gave their the gold bracalet.
6-.Because Guern was singing a song which was a favorite of the Legion.
7-.He had been a Roman solidar, and Marcus knew that because Guern had a scar under his chin.
8-.The death of Boudicca, queen ofthe Iceni tribe.
9-.Because he had a would in his leg.
10-.A few nights after he had left the march, Guewn had seen some tribesmon carrying the Eagle north again.

Read Chapter 6 and 7. Who said this, and to whom?Who or what were they talking about?

1-.Tradui, the chief’s grandfather, to his family, about Derfdian’s.
2-.Marcus, to Dergdian, about the Feast of New Spears.
3-.Liatan, toMarcus, about the hill sorrouned by standing Stones, wich was the tribe’s holy place.
4-.Marcus, to Tradui, about the battle.
5-.Tradui, to Marcus, about the ring.
6-.Esca, to Marcus, about the place in the lake.
7-.Dergdian,to Marcus and Esca, about the los Eagle.
8-.Marcus, to Esca, about going back to the lake.
9-.Esca, to Marcus, about the ring-brooch from Marcus’s cloak.
10-.Marcus, toEsca, about Esca’s plan.

Read Chapters 8 and 9, then match these halves of sentences
1.When Marcus and Esca heard dogs behind them--they rode for their lives and then hid in a river.
2.Soon after that they had the good luck to meet Guern--who showed them a hidden away across a dangerous bog.
3.Two days later their enemies caught up with them--and Marcus and Esca hid in a old roman tower....