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Un documento que contenga la solución de los ejercicios planteados en: Mikulecky second edition (1986) PP 89-94, 96, 98; Stempleski (2005) Book 1 Split B PP 108, 111 y Stempleski (2005)Work Book PP 60.


PP 89. Forest.

1) b. Redwood trees in California. Too general, This is the topic, Too specific.

2) c. Forest in Scotland. Too general. Toospecific. This is the topic.

3) a. The importance of forest. This is the topic. Too specific. Too general.

PP 94. Main ideas of paragraphs.

Example B.
1) Supermarkets are an importantplace to the family to buy foods.

2) Supermarkets are necessary by all people.

3) Supermarkets can be found any place in the world.

PP 96. Chemistry in the past.

1) c. ALCHEMISTstudied chemicals in strange ways.

2) c. ROBERT BOYLE helped to start the science of chemistry.

3) a. ANTOINE LAVOISIER learned an important fact by doing experiments.

PP 98. What sciencetells us about the earth?

1) c. Erosion changes the earth.

2) b. Two volcanoes that caused trouble.

3) c. Scientist still have many questions about the earth.

PP 108. 6Communication Health posters
1. What does the poster tell people to do? Stop smoking today.
2. What other ideas can you add to the list? You are doing damage to many people.
3. Are thereposters like this one in your city? Where? In hospitals, in night clubs, in churches

Your idea: Save your money.

Poster title: Fight pollution in our city
How can you it?
1. Don’t throwgarbage into the street
2. Is important to select every dangerous waste
3. Every people can clean city

PP 111. Dear Donna
1. Don’t do too much
2. Take breaks and relax
3. Eating well4. Get a study partner

1. In eight months
2. A lot one day
3. Forget
4. 2 hours
5. Vitamin B
6. Talking

Stempleski Work Book.

-When you have sleep problems.
-When your ear hurts....
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