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Cabo San Lucas is a magic land of crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, first-class golf, and unparalleled natural beauty that has hypnotized all those who have visited this desert haven.This venue has gone from an unknown vacation center to one of the top tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its impeccable service and unsurpassed accommodations.
Cabo can be as quiet,romantic, and relaxing as any secret hideaway. It can also be as lively as anyone can possibly imagine. Dusty streets still prevail, but do not let that fool you
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As a tourist destination, Cabo SanLucas has positioned itself as a sophisticated culinary center. The many ethnicities represented in Los Cabos population have certainly found their way tableside. In Cabo San Lucas dining, you willfind Canadian, German, American, Asian, Caribbean, and other influences. The variety is wide and suits all tastes, interests, and budgets. All combine to make Los Cabos a diverse Mecca of fineInternational cuisine.
Los Cabos is a tourist destination, so the environment is mostly casual. In the last years, however, formality in some areas has built up. At some restaurants, more formal attire maybe required to feel at ease. This means no shorts and no sandals.
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Cabo San Lucas shopping features several markets. Jewelry shops, open-air bazaars, designer boutiques, and souvenir shopsanchor the marina's east side, and the sprawling Costa Real Cabo Resort's mall dominate the town's waterfront. The focus of Cabo's shopping and restaurant scene is gradually closign in on Puerto ParaisoEntertainment Plaza, the large mall at the entrance to downtown.
The Artisans' Market at the marina's fishing boat dock features dozens of stalls selling handicrafts and clothing. Mall shopping canbe found at Plaza Bonita at the eastern edge of the Marina, as well as Plaza del Mar and Plaza de la Danza. Whether your purchases include something fun, practical, or extravagant, the experience...
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