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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Colombia is a unitary republic, the public Powers are separated into 3 branches: legislative, executive and judicial. We at the moment have a president called Juan Manuel Santos.Venezuela is a federal goverment and at the moment venezuela has a president who is Hugo Chavez. He is a dictator as his expresident friendo Raul Castro from Cuba.


The povertysituation that affects Colombia these days is more than a big trouble, if we look at the statistics of the national planning DANE are terrifying.
In venezuela the many critics are: corruption, burocracy,inefficiency of the institutions, opportunism, nepotismo, sectarianism, also the despropiation of lands, hmong other.


The colombia’s economy is the fourth largest economy inlatin america. It’s not the best but neither the worse in latin america alter brazil, mexico and argentine.
Venezuela has an economy base don exports. The main economic activity in venezuela is theexplotation and Refining of oil. Venezuela export oil to many countries as Irak, Bolivia, brazil, ecuador and paraguay. Also, USA, europe, south america and the caribe.


Thecolombia’s political situation is more different than venezuela because the president was elected by all people from Colombia and it was for democracy and the president does more and better things for hiscountry.
The venezuela’s politicial situation is more socialista and the chavez president is a dictator and his own good and not the common good.


Colombiahas many relationships with several countries searching improve our economical situation and our political one. An example is the TLC with USA that was approofed for the 2012 year.
Venezuela hasn’tgood relationships with others countries because they are base don his oil and chavez isn’t very good for it. Some presidents don’t agree with the chavez president attitude and his bad comments...
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