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1.-Fill in_ attended, renew, try, take, raised, escape, booked, spilled, knocked, exchanged.
1. I went online and __________________ the ticket.
2. My class __________________ money for thecharity.
3. He went to the embassy to ___________________ his passport.
4. Have you __________________ money for your trip to Japan?
5. He __________________ over the china display.
6. They___________________ a concert last weekend.
7. I don´t __________________ much notice when people talk about luck.
8. She wants to _________________ the local cuisine.
9. He wants to help poor people________________ poverty.
10. She _________________ coffee on her dress.

a)Put the verbs on parentheses into the present perfect or the simple past.
1. He ________________ (visit) the Louvre yesterday.
2.I _________________ (not/buy) a swimsuit yet.
3. She _______________ (go) on a safari last year.
4. They _______________ (not/travel) abroad.
5. ________________________ (you/ever/win) a sportscompetition?
6. Jane ____________________ (lose) a lot of weight since she was in school.
b) Circle the correct item.
1. Stop behaving Like / as a child!
2. I love extreme sports such as / asskydiving and ice climbing.
3. What / How friendly they are!
4. What / What a spectacular scenary.

4. Fil in: Yes, I have, You look different, I haven´t forgotten, Remember to, Oh my goodness.
A:1) _________________ exchange some currency.
B: Don´t worry 2) ___________________.

A: 3)__________________________________________.
B: I know. I´ve dyed my hair.

A: Have you packed yoursuitcase yet?
B: 4) __________________________________________.

A: I fell asleep in class this morning!
B: 5) __________________________________________!

5. Read the email and complete thesentences.
Hi Joanne,
How's everything? I´m really excited about coming to see you in Paris next week. I´ve nearly got everything ready. I booked my ticket yesterday, but I haven´t exchanged any currency...
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