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The company was founded in 1866 by German immigrants in Switzerland Henri Nestlé, a pharmacist who had developed a food for infants unable to breast feed (or any of the usual substitutesthe time).

Main brands


Ice Cream


Nestlé Superfine

Nestlé targets are to be recognized as the world leader in nutrition, health andwelfare, the confidence of all its stakeholders,
The Nestlé Corporate Business Principles are the foundation of our company culture,

1. Nutrition, Health and Welfare
2. Quality assurance andproduct safety
3 Relations with suppliers and customers
4. Agriculture and Rural Development
5 Water

Nestle's headquarters in Chile is located in Las Condes, Santiago
In Chile
In 1934 Nestlé beganoperations in Chile under the name of Miraflores Dairy Industrial Company, whose factory is located in the Retiro Station, Region VII, began to make condensed milk. Two years later, the companyacquired National Society Dairy Barns.
Between 1938 and 1958 began operating dairy factories. Thanks to his visionary and pioneering spirit, the company envisioned the great potential for dairydevelopment in the southern region, where today a great part of the national milk production.
Value for Nestlé:

The construction of factories and high quality performance whose operation, from theenvironmental point of view is improving every day, gives Nestlé the ability to achieve profitable growth and sustainable over time.

Value for society:

Our heavy investment in rural areas contribute tothe acquisition of new skills and higher incomes for workers.


107 600 000 000 Total number of Group sales

276050 numbers used

480 numbers of plants

Numbers 86 countries ofoperations

52 brands

1500 products

The global context

The principle of Nestlé's manufacturing activities, whenever possible, in the same countries in which they supply, instead of exporting...
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