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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2012
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NAME:Esteban Balseca CURSE: 9No. “C”
DATE: 07/03/2012
1.) Prayer about my house

* itslocation is on the Avenue of the Press and Pedro Valverde
* is set in a not very large playground, parking lot and the house nomore
*the house number is the C6A
* to enter the house you need to cross 3 doors
* giving the largest outside the set opens up to enter the parkinglotwith deck
* the kitchen is the smallest of the house just goes odnde the refrigerator and the kitchen
* living room is not much only asmall music player and furniture
* the dining room has only one table and a table with 4 chairs
* the living room and dining room are thebiggest part of the house
* to go to the second floor up 13 stepsneeded
* in the study is a computer and an ironing board is here wherethe sunfalls harder
* my room is small but for me a palace
* in my room is where I express myself pretending to play guitar
* in myroom is where I do my homework because I have everything i need
* to dohomework inmyroom 
* Iconcentrate more comfortable i feelcomfortable in the space around me
* I have 2 bathrooms the first is for the visits and the second is for me and my mother where the shower and all weneed for our personal hygiene
* my mother's room is a large window where you see the courtyard
* has a small TV but its bed is too big
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