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1.- Due to competition in the bicycle industry disappeared 12 of 17 dealers in the dynamo-Powered lamp.
2.- The overseas demand for the lamps SANYO,grew rapidly.

3.- Toshio Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. founded in April 1950

4.- Toshio call it, sanyo, because it means three oceans in order to do businessin all
5.- At the start of war in Korea, nickel was expensive
6.- The Canadian and Japanese government in support of USA restricted the use ofnickel for the civil right.
7.- As yet the nickel ingot but not minerals, Toshio asked the ministry to import ore, nickel and olio, to not depend onForeign Performer countries.
8.- The government finally accepted
9.- Toshio spend many nights wondering if the company manufactured radios nearly all inputswould result in Japan
10.- Toshio decided to make radios to not depend on an input as it happened with nickel in the lamps
11.- The brand of radiossold it at 15,000 yen, but was very expensive for people
12.- Toshio had to design a radio, cheap and quality that was worth less than 10,000 yen
13.- oneof its designers suggested using a material called "plastic" which came from U.S.A,.
14.- In 1952 radios were sold massively. The first model SS-52 wassold for 8.950 yen, cheaper than I had in Japan.
15.- SANYO Radio, gave a successful start in the Japanese electrical industry.
16.- SANYO launched thefirst jet washer SW-53 model in Japan at only 28.500 yen
17.- produced about 10,000 units in August 1954
18.- in 1955 acquired 28.8% of market share
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