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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2010
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FEB, 29th 1955. Dear Kimberly Clark.
This is myletter No. 512 and I promise you, this is the last one I will write to you, I swear even if I told you this 511 times before.
I`ll tell you again.Since the first time I saw you in physics class at high school, I remember like it was yesterday you were wearing thatbeautiful black dress, I walked near to you and my hormones get immediately crazy I was confused, for you I didn´t exist…
Years passed by and my feelings didn´t change … you were still being the mostbeautiful girl in class, and you were in love with the same guy, I know he was a handsome football player and maybe that is the reason why you never looked at me.
I know I used to wear strangeclothes, huge glasses and my hair was always crazy but my feelings were 1023 times bigger than your football boyfriend… I swear you, and even you never ate my radioactive chocolates, that I used to left inyour locker and even with all the things you did to me, I´m still crazy about you.
I was wondering why you never answer me? Maybe your address is wrong or you are always busy? I hope you will answerme this time because this is my last try

With love

I have a friend his name is Andres and he was in love of a girl… she is Vero and he really loved her, heused to do some things for Vero like: her homework or whatever she says but suddenly he decided to tell her about his feelings and the only way he had to say it was through a letter, and so he wroteit down and he was excited because he thought Vero was going to understand and give to Andres a chance. But unfortunally the day he was going to give the letter to her, she left the town and he...
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